VIDEO – The Australian misquotes Ralph Blewitt on Gillard slush fund payments from Thiess – Michael Smith News

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Pegasus. using some of your phraseology and logic as expressed in a previous reply to me, I’ll be interested in your reply to this.

Julia Gillard needs to take responsibility for what she would have known (or should have known) to be fraudulent conduct constituting what Commissioner Heydon stated in Para 308 of his Report was an indictable crime under s 409(1) of the Criminal Code (WA).

She admitted under oath that on multiple occasions she prepared or assisted to prepare a document that (to use the words of MPS) “told a lie about itself” or to use the words of
Commissioner Heydon made “false representations that before incorporation there was in existence an unincorporated association”.

The evidence proves she also committed other crimes under S 409 (1), that of submitting a false document to a public official, and as their acknowledged legal advisor, allowing Wilson and Blewitt to submit other false documents to that public official, the Commissioner for Corporate Affairs, with the intention of deceiving that official being a person responsible for a public duty, with doing something the official would not have done but for the document, namely incorporating the Australian Workers’ Union – Workplace Reform Association Inc.

In Para 309, Heydon states: “Section 558 of the Criminal Code (WA)provides that any person who conspires with another to commit an indictable offence is guilty of a crime. In the present case the indictable offence is the crime under s 409 (1) set out above.”

H/B paraphrase of what Heydon stated next: In other words, may Bruce Wilson have conspired with Julia Gillard, with intent to defraud by deceit, or any fraudulent means to gain a benefit, pecuniary or otherwise, for himself, Julia Gillard or the Association?

There is no doubt, as she admitted under oath, that she had the required ‘guilty knowledge’ that no association existed, but still continued to pursue the obtaining of a Certificate of Incorporation.

For Gillard to claim she “did nothing wrong” would be neither realistic nor credible. Gillard knew at the time, and has admitted to knowing at the time, all the requirements of the Act she’d advised Wilson to use (Para 41),and the reasons behind those requirements (para 42).

Source: VIDEO – The Australian misquotes Ralph Blewitt on Gillard slush fund payments from Thiess – Michael Smith News


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