Delingpole: ‘Biggest Iceberg Evah’ Story Is Just More Climate #Fakenews

A giant iceberg has broken off the shelf of Antarctica. Naturally, the mainstream media is trying to hint that this is something serious.


First, “calving” – whereby snow in the Arctic and Antarctic turns to ice then drifts towards the sea and breaks off into icebergs which float away looking for four-funnelled luxury passenger liners to sink – is a perfectly natural process which has nothing to do with climate change.

Secondly, compared to some of the other big icebergs which have broken off in the last 100 years this one is a relative tiddler.

In 1956 an iceberg broke off from Antarctica which was 200 miles long and sixty miles wide. It was the size of “Massachusetts and Connecticut combined”.

That’s six times the size of the one which broke off from the Larsen-C ice shelf in Antarctica this week.

Another iceberg broke off in 1927 which was four times the size of this week’s iceberg.

Source: Delingpole: ‘Biggest Iceberg Evah’ Story Is Just More Climate #Fakenews


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