Study Recommends Having “One Less Child” Because Climate | Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall A new study has collated climate recommendations from other studies. Top of the list is convincing parents to have smaller families, one less child, to reduce the human …

Source: Study Recommends Having “One Less Child” Because Climate | Watts Up With That?

We had two  … a replacement for each of us.

Also near the top of the list is reduce flights … I have flown about five times in my life … the last time twenty years ago.

Amongst the things I have always done are …

Do without a car … living in a country area that is not an option, though I drive it about once a week.

No dishwasher and I wait until the sink is full. Washing is done in a twin tub machine which washes all clothes, linen, etc for two in about 45 minutes, and uses one tub of water for washing, one for rinsing. Line dry except in wet weather.

I reuse or repurpose a lot of otherwise recyclable items.

I do not think CO2 is a problem, but do as much, or more, than most who do believe it is a problem.


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