If a law states that only aboriginal offenders will be jailed, that’s racist and discriminates against a particular ethnic group.

If aborigines commit a higher number of crimes and are jailed, that’s the law being enforced without fear or favour.  Indeed, if non aboriginal offenders get jailed for crimes which aborigines are spared jail, that is ethnic discrimination, or racism, as the elite classes are want to call it nowadays.

Is their abc saying that we should have passed laws to stop domestic violence which preclude aborigines alone from being jailed?  And if aborigines are the most prevalent offenders, doesn’t that rather make domestic violence laws pointless?  Or maybe aboriginal child abuse and wives with broken bones are considered by their abc to be culturally appropriate?


3x 31=93. So for every 190 women hospitalised because of domestic violence, 93 are caused by the 3% who identify as aboriginal and 97 are caused by the rest. Fixing that problem would make a huge difference to the overall numbers. Shouldn’t it be the major focus, and doesn’t Battie et al owe Latham an apology; unless, of course, they are only interested in seeming rather than doing.

Focusing on identify rather than individuals is lethal.

Tanya’s better half

Source: “UNEXPECTED”, SAYS ABC. OH, REALLY? | Herald Sun


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