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Peter Van Onselen has a, presumably well paid, gig writing opinion pieces for The Australian.  But are they getting value for money? Here he is in this Weekend Australian developing his theme, expr…


Some context is necessary here.  As recently as  2010, Labor’s official policy was to support the traditional definition of marriage.  In fact Labor’s most influential gay MP, Penny Wong, supported this policy saying there was a “cultural, religious and historical view of marriage being between a man and a woman“.

Let’s take Wong at her word, that in 2010 she genuinely held that belief.  Sometime in the last six years she has apparently come to accept that times have changed and she is happy to move on from that earlier ‘unenlightened’ view.  But more than that, having seen the light herself, she is now determined that anyone rather more tardy than her in coming to this view is a hateful bigot.  But is it unreasonable to expect others (by which I mean those of no particular religious conviction but with a conservative view of marriage), with whom Wong apparently agreed less than six years ago, to be less inclined to throw off their long held belief in the importance of the traditional view of marriage?

Now let’s assume the more likely interpretation – that Wong did not really believe her own words but was merely playing the political game.  That she was prepared to sacrifice same-sex marriage on the altar of her career.  In this case, isn’t it hypocrisy on steroids for Wong and her fellow travellers to expect others (by which I mean those whose opposition to same-sex marriage is based on firm religious or secular conviction, for example Tony Abbott or Cory Bernardi) to abandon their beliefs just because it now suits Wong’s political and personal convenience to belatedly acknowledge her own?

Source: Peter O’Brien: PvO on Same Sex Marriage | Catallaxy Files


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