Collusion? Woolworths and Coles both yesterday announced a green ban on the plastic bags that make shopping so convenient.



The 0.8% of bags littered comes from a report commissioned by the federal environment department by a consultant.  The number is an ‘estimate’ based on zero data.  i.e. it is made up.  The reason often advanced for banning bags is the impact on sea life, yet there is no evidence that it is supermarket bags that are involved.  A more likely source is the waste disposed of by ships at sea which, until recently under UN MARPOL regulation, had to by finely shredded before disposal – hence the small pieces.  Amended laws require this waste to be taken back to shore for disposal.

But no one wants to blame the UN.


To call these bags “single use plastic bags” is propaganda, just like changing from “global warming” to “climate change”.  Plastic shopping bags have numerous secondary and tertiary uses in any home.

Just to keep waste management and landfill in perspective, refer to Bjorn Lomborg’s The Skeptical Environmentalis, p. 208, where he points out that the landfill volume for the United States for the entire twentieth century would fit in an area 28 kilometres square.  That’s for a population more than 10 times bigger than Australia’s.

Yet another non-problem for environmental poseurs to “solve”, and that includes Woolworths and Coles apparently.

But the inconvenience they plan to cause their customers may be an excellent way to undermine their unholy control of the Australian grocery industry.


Andrew, just a note on these shopping bags, I had a couple covering a few things in the back yard and over the summer months they degraded that much that there wasn’t anything left of them.

Seems the sun, rain and wind degraded them faster than I was told by all the greenie warriors.

But now we will buy the black garbage bags to put our rubbish in and so keep Woolies and Coles in their profit margin, but also increase the amount of plastic going into landfill!



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