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Turns out Greens senator Larissa Waters is a secret Canadian. And now, like New Zealander Scott Ludlam, she’s been forced to resign from parliament.



Who is at fault, well for a start she is, she would have been well aware of where she was born, she would have a birth certificate from that country or failing that her parents passport would have been endorse with the name of the child and place of birth along with age. She would have required the production of a birth certificate here in Australia for many other reasons anyone of which would have shown revealed that she was not born here.Dud, same with Ludlum.

there is also failure on behalf of the Greens Party for not checking their birth certificates and citizenship papers before running them as candidates. Durr

Then of Course the is Parliament and its officials as we have in this Country a Registry of BD&M as well as the Citizenship Register and least of which is a demand for  the production of a Birth Certificate or Citizenship Papers at the time of Application, Who is running this place because we have a couple of hundred thousand paper shufflers called public servants who role it appears to be making coffee and shuffling more papers.

There could also be thousands of Public Servants who are required to be ‘Australian Citizens’ to hold a Government Position. The whole thing is nothing but a joke, for example the Public Service have at least one quarter foreign born employees, I wonder how many have had heir citizenship eligibility checked. Why we culd have relatives of Kim Il jong in powerful PS positions or worse.

Source: TAKE OFF YOU HOSER | Daily Telegraph


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