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So Gillard’s corrupt government was kept running by 2 illegal green pollies.

This stinks to high heaven and makes us a true banana republic because nothing and no one will be charged and salaries and super will be paid as if all was normal.


With CentreLink you have to jump thru hoops to qualify for a pittance & woe betide an, honest/otherwise mistake yet with Parliament you, apparently, just get elected, no questions asked, no answers given straight past Go & collect upwards of $200K a year & if it all goes pear-shaped ..  laugh it off!


Earlier on the year Sam Dastyari virtue signalled that the Trump travel ban applied to him. This suggesting he was still a citizen of Iran, I trust someone is now confirming this.



Very clever deduction.

Any journo worth his or her salt should now be calling the senator and asking a very simple question:

“Mr Dastyari, were you lying when you said the Trump ban applied to you, or are you lying now when you say you’re not a dual citizen of Iran?”

Worth doing, just to see his response.

Source: TAKE OFF YOU HOSER | Daily Telegraph


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