Penny Wong’s speech on rejecting the same sex marriage plebiscite in the Senate today – Michael Smith News

Jane white said…

Why wasn’t wong so vocal over the seven years of the GILLARD Labour government. No, she wasn’t heard, she supported the NO same sex marriage, at that stage. What is this game about now. What a vicious horrible woman she is. I’ve see this behaviour from her previously, not over this issue, but she rises up – like a cut snake!!! I believe the Labour are pushing so hard for this same sex marriage now, so that it actually happens on Turnbulls watch, so that at the next election campaign, these feral labours can campaign to their Muslim voters, that Turnbull Government brought in this Same sex marriage, which of course is taboo in the Muslim belief and reading of the Koran. I cannot understand why the Labour are so, for all these Muslim refugees coming to Australia, whilst pushing for same sex couples and marriage, which calls for a Beheading in the extreme Muslim world. How can all this create a peaceful existance for our Nation. It can never work with both within our Aussie culture. John Anderson, ex politician of the Nationals, spoke sense about the reality of our current parliamentarians. I agree with the majority of his speech. What we have now in parliament ar so self indulged, they have lost real focus, and that is what is best for Australia and its people – not what they deem is best for us, as it is usually their own personal agendas, and we, the voters don’t rate. They have no idea of what is happening within their own back yard. Look at the Bishop woman giving away all the AUSTRALIANS hard earned tax payers dollars, which of course, are now borrowed, when WE NEED that money here, but she doesn’t give a care. We will NEVER forget what they have done to us.

Wayne shaft said in reply to Jane white…

Never forget , both Julia Gillard And Penny Wong declared that marriage should be between aMan and a Women when they were in power !me think they speak with Fork Tongue 👅!

So very well put Jane.
The supporters and proponents of SSM are all jumping up and down (including quite a few politicians on both sides of the floor) about how most of the Australian people are quite happy to accept SSM. From the posts and accompanying comments that I have seen I would say the opposite to be true and that is the real reason for the resistance to having a plebiscite. Bill Shorten who has done a complete reversal regarding a plebiscite on SSM and is quite happy to have a plebiscite on a Republic mustn’t realise how foolish they look to a thinking person. Regards, Lach Terry.

Source: Penny Wong’s speech on rejecting the same sex marriage plebiscite in the Senate today – Michael Smith News


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