Access to 2GB

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by Isabell

For those not familiar with the great team at talkback 2GB, there a few ways of receiving it:

Google 2GB, then click on “Listen Live” button
You can download the APP from the APP Store or directly from 2GB
As above
If you have an adsl/cable connection in your home and you have a WIFI  Modem  in others words you can use your computer laptop etc anywhere in the home, you can purchase a INTERNET/ DIGITAL RADIO and pick  up almost every radio channel around the world, including of course, 2GB

2GB is a talkback radio station. Alan Jones has almost 1million listeners daily to his program. The other presenters follow closely behind.   The day is broken into time slots for each presenter and each has their own unique way of engaging their audience. They report honestly and factually. The station is owned by John Singleton and can be found on AM BAND. 873 AM.