The Gay High-Water Mark

The Gay High-Water Mark 

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Micheal Smith News Roundup




There are many Kev moments I am trying to forget … after reading the comments on this one I will be back in therapy.

Sheesh, Bruce, when two signatures are required on a cheque that does not mean you use somebody else’s stamp twice.




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Renewables Battery ‘Boom’

More like a bomb.

So, apparently, they did indeed start up full-scale testing of their carefully selected batteries.

But it took less than one month for the first of them to blow up in flames and force tens of thousands of inhabitants to stay hidden indoors to avoid the toxic cloud that resulted from this experiment.

One of the mainstream newspapers has reported a press release of the Electrabel-Engie group saying that the “battery that has burned was not in operation at the time the fire broke out”. Let’s hope that at least this one is fake news, otherwise it would mean that these batteries are just chemical bombs ready to explode at any time.

Renewables Battery ‘Boom’: Exploding Mega-Storage System Generates Fireball & Toxic Lithium Plume in Belgium

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In dark times leaders stand tall (or Bernardi strikes back)

A quick word on media coverage.

This are the words of Judith Ireland, who covered Cory Bernardi’s Senate motions for Fairfax:

Abortion law in Australia is a state and territory matter and Medicare does not specifically fund sex-selection abortions.

She wrote them even though Medicare funding of abortion is a Commonwealth matter.

And she wrote them even though if you specifically walk into an abortion centre and specifically request an abortion because your baby is specifically the wrong gender Medicare will specifically cover specific amounts for the termination of pregnancy.

Nevertheless, she still wrote them. That’s called journalism these days.

In dark times leaders stand tall (or Bernardi strikes back)

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When Racial Hoaxes Make News

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By Brent Bozell and Tim Graham ~

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Australian Politics – If Prime Minister Turnbull Is The Problem, Julie Bishop Is Not The Answer

Australian Politics – If Prime Minister Turnbull Is The Problem, Julie Bishop Is Not The Answer

Julie Bishop is part of the problem.

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Unions to force entry into ABC Ultimo

Possible sources of stress:

  • mashed avocado on toast not mashy enough
  • rumours that certified rainforest free coffee beans might have traces of rainforest
  • this year’s individual travel budget not enough to maintain Qantas Gold Frequent Flyer status

No, it has to be really serious …  no one replaced the empty toilet roll from the supply of three spares placed in full view on the cistern.

Jeff of FNQ said…

The Union has backed down.

Latest report from The Australian this arvo:

Hours after announcing it would force entry onto ABC premises to monitor “dangerous” levels of workplace stress, union officials suddenly withdrew their action.

Instead the Commonwealth and Public Sector Union agreed to meet ABC executives today for urgent talks.

The public servants’ union withdrew its formal notice under the Workplace Health and Safety Act to enter the ABC’s headquarters in Ultimo, Sydney, to investigate safety issues.

It will try to resolve its concerns through discussions with management at the national broadcaster.


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