I am a cranky female living in the part of southern Australia where the locals have been nick named the Croweaters.

Somebody said, and keeps getting quoted in various guises all the time, that you shouldn’t make an old woman mad, because she is already cross because she is old, so it doesn’t take a lot to set her off!

I am not quite that old yet, but near enough to use it as an excuse for having an occasional rant. (And if you dispute that you might just set me off anyway!)

More importantly, I often have questions which I would like answered.

Whatever else I want to get off my chest, it will sometimes be attached to an unrelated postcard … a photo of places I have been. Have noticed that many feature water.

If you have an answer that is not obscene, makes me laugh and/or makes a bit of sense it will get shown … however, if you make me mad I will just delete it!

This place is really just to keep some links to news items I think could be useful reference points later.

8 Responses to About

  1. KG says:

    G’day Crow. Thank you for the link to “Cane Fires”. My beloved has more on them here, and she’s a better photographer than I am.:


  2. NBN Myths says:

    Howdy Cranky Old Crow. I notice you’ve got plenty of links to anti-NBN stories on here, but unfortunately most of them are based on demonstrably false information. I suggest you visit the NBN Myths site for the facts about the NBN. Information on that site is provided with factual, supporting references and if there is anything you don’t believe, please feel free to drop me an email and I’ll source whatever evidence you’d like.


  3. Kevin O'Neill says:

    Thanks. This is a useful resource for finding information on the lunatic fringe; i.e.,Goddard, Watts, et al.


  4. Ya can’t be too cranky, darl, coz ya make a lotta sense to me!


  5. Alli Majarla says:

    Michael Smith appears to have been blocked/shut down, When trying to connect a message says unknown domain.ww.michael smith news.
    Has anyone any info on this?


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