Video of a truly great Australian playing the race card – Michael Smith News

Video of a truly great Australian playing the race card – Michael Smith News.

LKP said…


when she gives up all the white benefits .. money , food ,

housing , education , clothing and lives as she claims she is ,
the only question I will then ask is
“in all the transient small tribes of hunter -gathers that roamed this country , claiming only to care for small parts of , which little band was the the one that ran the aboriginal “nation ” and is the most senior “tribe “?





I have been reading, again, books I first read while still in primary school. I learned a lot about the people who were here before white men came, and have a lot of respect for them and how they cared for the land and each other, though I would have preferred less brutality towards women by the men. But then, some of the women gave as good as they got too.

I would challenge anybody who claims to be Australian aboriginals to spend just a month living as they did. I suspect that our Australian of the Year would not last the distance … and he is a fit sportsman. He would not be able to find food, and would have no skills to hunt or fish without white man equipment. Even those who live in remote camps rely on white man vehicles, clothing, food, medicine etc.

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Straight talking judge: “I hope you die in jail” – Michael Smith News

Straight talking judge: “I hope you die in jail” – Michael Smith News.

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Is David Penberty for race-based laws or against them? | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Is David Penberty for race-based laws or against them? | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog.

Of course, to make racially based laws in favor of any group of people is generally to discriminate against everyone else. For instance, conferring a form of self-government of Aboriginal territory could exclude other Australians from exercising their own rights on that land.

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Let’s not egg on lobbyists this Easter | Daily Telegraph Piers Akerman Blog

Let’s not egg on lobbyists this Easter | Daily Telegraph Piers Akerman Blog.

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Baird is a lucky break for NSW | Daily Telegraph Miranda Devine Blog

Baird is a lucky break for NSW | Daily Telegraph Miranda Devine Blog.

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Kevin Rudd, first Australia …now the world – Michael Smith News

Kevin Rudd, first Australia …now the world – Michael Smith News.

Blackswan said…

Jason ….. The Milky Bar Kid – poor little bugger – after all, he has to dream up some way to make his life relevant and get his Missus back to make his cocoa at night.

Before his last stint as PM, she had declared her permanent place of residence as the UK – seems that was a bit of a tax dodge. Funny how the MSM covered up the fact that the KRudds were separated (for business purposes or otherwise). Ooops, she just ticked the wrong box on her multi-million dollar tax declaration while filling out forms at the kitchen table one night.

However, with the Lodge in the offing, she came back and played charades as the happy little perpetually-grinning-through-gritted teeth wife. He promised the people of his electorate that he was committed to serving for the full term of the Parliament if they would trust their vote to him.

He got in on Green preferences but reneged yet again on his promises and buggered off with his fat pension entitlements.

While he has been roaming the streets of Washington and New York driving Embassy staff up the wall, his Missus has been back in London (charade over) selling her business to the Yanks, putting $153 million in her Gucci handbag, and guaranteeing herself a job as CEO for 5 years.

What can the poor Milky Bar schmuck do? He HAS to get a cushy job in New York just to re-acquaint himself with the mother of his children – if she can be bothered with him.

Secretary General, Special Envoy for the Irrelevant, Climate Rip-off Advisor – he doesn’t care, he’ll take it – ANYTHING to keep him sucking at the taxpayer teat. Heaven forbid, if he had to make a living on his own intellect and charismatic personality he’d be sleeping in a cardboard box over a steam vent near Central Park, hoping to catch a glimpse of his Missus as she alights from her stretch limousine on Park Avenue.

Poor little bugger – ya gotta feel sorry for him.

Reggie said…

Just sitting here on the couch, one eye on the footy (St Kilda Saints versus Essendon Bombers), a frequently replenished cleansing glass of Hensche’s Hill of Grace, iPad on the knee and me reading the MSNews’ Kevin Rudd for UN Sec-Gen story and the MSNews readers’ comments to Mrs Rumpole.

“So what’s the problem?” she asks.

“But he’s an uncontrollable, inept egotistical turd” I respond.

“Well they (i.e. the UN) would know that wouldn’t they? You know, as if someone hasn’t already forwarded a DVD of the comments of his Gillard supporting caucus colleagues from the last Labor government, don’t you think dear?” she muses.

Ah, ya just gotta love that gal, eh?

Nice play Saints.

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Dealing with imbeciles on the roads. – Michael Smith News

Dealing with imbeciles on the roads. – Michael Smith News.

Great comment ….

Blackswan said…


Jason – For years politicians have grappled with the high cost of keeping criminals in prisons – anything to avoid expenditure on building new ones. They outsource the administration of our gaols to avoid having employees on the public payroll and having to fund their pension entitlements, so it’s handed over to outfits like Serco.

They’ve handed magistrates and judges every conceivable alternative to custodial sentences – suspended sentences, community service orders (remember when ‘community service’ was a privilege and not punishment for criminal acts?) … anything that could possibly be a get-out-gaol-free card.

They even floated the idea of confiscating the vehicles of criminal drivers like the one in your story but the Snivel Libertarians said you can’t confiscate a car that’s registered in someone else’s name. And you can’t take the vehicle of a poor hard-done-by hoon coz he needs it for work if he has a job, and if he doesn’t he might need it to take his Mum or sick granny to the doctor, so the whole idea faded into yet another pathetic farce that shows the System is completely stuffed.

So let’s call a spade a bloody shovel.

Anyone who drives like that loses their vehicle immediately, no matter to whom it’s registered. If someone lends their car to an irresponsible criminal driver then they risk losing it – permanently. By handing over their car keys they’ve aided and abbetted a crime. They’ve handed a potentially deadly weapon to someone and it’s about time the Law and the Courts reinforced this message with some serious consequences for criminal drivers and their enablers.

The Police Officer (who risked his own life pursuing this idiot to get him off the road) should be able to call a tow truck and have the car taken to an impound centre where it will be sold to defray the costs of taking the driver to court. If it’s a worthless piece of junk then it should be sold for scrap and crushed.

No ifs, buts or maybes. That should be the consequence of anti-social, criminal and life-threatening behaviour on the roads because these idiots keep driving whether they’re banned or suspended and simply register their vehicles in a family member’s name.

Should apply to high-range recidivist drunks too.

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