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Labor vs Liberal: the tale of the boats. UPDATE: Labor admits

Labor vs Liberal: the tale of the boats. UPDATE: Labor admits.


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Anton Sucic, construction worker in a CFMEU shirt is in the witness box – Michael Smith News

Anton Sucic, construction worker in a CFMEU shirt is in the witness box – Michael Smith News.

Winston Ryder said…

A rough translation:

Mr Elliott: You were a union strongman weren’t you?
Anton Sucic: Nup. Nah, I was a ballet instructor.
Elliott: You used to threaten and cajole workers to join the union, right?
Sucic: No way. I woz teachin’ dancin’.
Elliott: Sucic. That’s a Croation name isn’t it?
Sucic: What’s that got to do wiv anyfing?
Elliot: Is your name pronounced ‘suck ick’?
Sucic: No. It’s ‘soo chich’.
Elliot: Not ‘suck ick’?
Sucic: I said no you moron! SOO CHICH!
Elliot: Sorry – I don’t speak Croatian. Mr Sucic, you sent this email didn’t you?
Sucic: Nup. I dunno nuffin boud it.
Elliott: You’re saying you didn’t send it?
Sucic: Can’t rememba.
Elliott: How many times did you speak to the Beagle Boys on the phone?
Sucic: Dunno. Maybe two or free.
Elliott: I put it to you that you spoke to them 11 times in just one month in 2010.
Sucic: Dats your opinion.
Elliott: Is your number 0419 360949?
Sucic: Yeah, but now every bastard in Australia’s gonna ring me up.
Elliott: Why?
Sucic: The tell me off fer all the times I beat the crap outta dem of course!
Elliott: So you did beat people up?
Sucic: No way, nevva.
Elliott: But you just said you did.
Sucic: No I didn’t. I’m getting tired! Tired of your stupid questions.
Judge: You said you’re getting tired Mr Sucic. Would you like to have a re…
Sucic: I nevva done said I was tired! I said I woz tired of the stupid questions!
Elliott: You say never used threats or violence to get non-union members to join your union?
Sucic: Like I said pal, nevva.
Elliott: So what did you do?
Sucic: Like I said, I taught ballet.
Elliott: No further questions.
Judge: You are no longer needed, Mr Sucic.
Sucic: Oh yeah? Well up your’s, judge!

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Some thoughts on the Gillard exhibits from a practitioner – Michael Smith News

Some thoughts on the Gillard exhibits from a practitioner – Michael Smith News.

seeker of truth said in reply to Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)…

I’m glad you have given me an opportunity to further inspect the subpoenaed conveyancing file.

There was only ONE phone call to Blewitt by Olive. It was on 22/3/93 to him at the AWU WA branch (09 2211686) as to the whereabouts of the Certificate of Currency.

Blewitt has stated that he never saw the Mortgage or the Contract and he wasn’t aware of a Mortgage taken out in his name.

S&G correspondence on file to client (Wilson/Blewitt) is as follows -

letter 22/2/93 addressed to Bruce Wilson re receipt of Contract & searches and enclosing RP Transfer for his signature. No c.c. to Blewitt

letter 3/3 addressed to Bruce Wilson with Sec 27 Cert. No c.c. to Blewitt

letter 10/3 from Sylvia Dickson addressed to Ralph Blewitt in WA re Terms of Loan. Application requires acceptance by Blewitt. However, letter is not sent to Blewitt. Bruce Wilson signs and dates acceptance endorsed on letter on 10/3 and document passed onto Sylvia by Olive on 10/3.

letter 17/3 addressed to Bruce Wilson enclosing Mortgage documents for signature. Also enclosed a number of other documents including S&G account, requisitions on title. Also requests arrangements be made for Certificate of Currency. No c.c. to Blewitt.
As to this letter, there is a memo from Olive to Nick dated 17/3 which states Bruce Wilson calling in tomorrow at 9.00am to sign. Followed by a further diary entry dated 17/3 that “Geoff Wilson” will come in at 11.00 tomorrow.

Bill of Costs of 17/3 addressed to Ralph Blewitt in WA but no mention of mortgage

letter of 18/3 addressed to Ralph Blewitt in WA as to settlement and requesting the $67 thousand cheque and attaching 2 page purchaser’s statement of account. No mention of mortgage.

letter of 23/3 addressed to Bruce Wilson confirming settlement on 22/3 enclosing Epitome of Mortgage, Settlement Statement & Adjustments. c.c. Blewitt, unknown if all documents copied to Blewitt or just letter. It does make reference to mortgage but it is addressed to Bruce Wilson and it does say “your mortgage”.

letter of 31/3 addressed to Ralph Blewitt in WA enclosing amended statement of account and requesting cheque for $2,000 shortfall. It mentions Transfer and Mortgage. It took Blewitt over 4 weeks to get this cheque across to S&G. It was handed to Olive by Julia Gillard on 29/4 – note on file.

letter dated 20/4 to Ralph Blewitt in WA requiring payment of outstanding $2,000 to lodge Transfer. No mention of mortgage.

That’s it for the S&G correspondence to Wilson/Blewitt.

Based on this evidence disclosed in the file, I reiterate my belief that “Blewitt was not copied with IMPORTANT correspondence and documentation nor contacted by S&G to seek his instructions on the purchase of the property.” And I will now add that he personally did not receive correspondence from S&G as to his instructions on the Mortgage; that was all attended to by Bruce Wilson.

There is a notation of the purchase file cover of 931044 that correspondence for Ralph Blewitt should be sent to PO Box 253, North Bridge WA 6000. These instructions were not followed.

By the way, you are very selective as to the document you reference to make your point. As to that referenced document Blewitt stated “I responded to some correspondence or a phone call or otherwise from Slater & Gordon’s office – and it never dawned on me they were handling a mortgage – where I paid a shortfall amount of $2,000 and I think it was a title search fee, or something, of $500.”

Yes, every touch does leave a trace.



seeker of truth said in reply to Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)…

I opened a joint account with my partner. I put all the money into it, I operated it, he didn’t. He didn’t look at the statements because it was my money.

Don’t you find it rather odd that Blewitt appears not to have repaid himself the $7,312.50 from with an AWU-WRA Inc cheque(s) ($3,656.25 x 2).

When he had to provide deposit cheque using his own account, he wrote a $25,000 cheque to himself from the AWU-WRA Inc account. When he had to pay S&G the outstanding $2,000 in April 93, he wrote a $2,000 cheque to himself from that account on 5/4/93. Jeremy Stoljar made this point about Blewitt reimbursing himself with cheques written on the AWU-WRA account not long before he queried him about these mortgage repayments.

In August 93, $3,656.25 is taken out of his joint account for the Kerr St mortgage instalment and he doesn’t repay himself out of the AWU-WRA account. Two months later in October 93 a further mortgage instalment is paid out of his account and again he doesn’t repay himself that money from the AWU-WRA account.

Under the terms of the Epitome of Mortgage, the first mortgage instalment after settlement was to be paid by 22 June 93 then on the 22nd day of March, June, September and December of each year. There was a penalty if not paid within 14 days of the due date.

Was the first instalment due on 22 June paid to S&G as required under the Epitome and did they bank the cheque?

In June/July 93 Rothfield sells off his mortgage business. On 6 July 93 the Kerr St title deed is produced by S&G at the Land Titles Office to have the transfer/variation of mortgage noted on it. On 12 July 93 S&G (Olive) writes to the Victorian Land Titles Office “Please hand Control of Dealing No. S502948P to Nicholas O’Donohue & Co, Solicitors,180 Queen St, Melbourne.” Slater & Gordon are no longer involved in the mortgage on Kerr St.

Now we have a new Mortgagee on title. Not long after the change of Mortgagee, August to be precise, probably the first mortgage instalment of $3,65.25 comes out of Blewitt’s account (though it appears the cheque was written on 18 June 93) then in October the second instalment is taken out (the cheque appears to have been written on 15 September 93). The months the cheques were written coincides with the months they were due to be paid to the Mortgagee. Had the cheques been post dated and were held by Wilson? Did Blewitt give Wilson blank cheques? Did Blewitt write the cheques and overlooked reimbursing himself with an AWU-WRA cheque(s)?

Blewitt does not reimburse himself for these payments from the AWU-WRA Inc. However, if I have read the Home Building Society report properly, these two withdrawals were replenished in some fashion if you look at the running balance in the account as at 3/11/93, the last entry.

$3,500 cash is taken out of the Members Welfare account on 16/9/93 and on 13/10/93 a further $5,000 is taken out of this account, an account that Wilson controls.

On 7/9/93 $50,000 cash is withdrawn from the AWU-WRA account and on 12/10/93 a further $8,000 cash is withdrawn.

So if the $7,312.50 (made up of $3656.25 x 2) was reimbursed into Blewitt’s account from my interpretation of the report, when did it happen and from where did it come?

If the moneys were deposited into Blewitt’s joint account (be either by cheque or cash), shortly before or after the cheques relating to Kerr St were written, then Mrs Blewitt would not have noticed monies missing from their account.

As for Blewitt buying property in 1993, that possibly would not have surprised Mr Blewitt as Ralph had bought properties in WA and recently sold them. Did she know the property was in Melbourne; probably not unless she read the correspondence from S&G or Ralph told her because the bank statements would not have helped even if she read them.

Hopefully the Commissioner and Vic Police have their heads around the veracity of Ralph’s evidence based on the documents they have, because you and I can’t determine one way or the other on what is available to us. We have our differing beliefs and theories but that’s about it.


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What Islamic State “genocide”, asks apologist Waleed Aly. What’s the problem? Why fight?

What Islamic State “genocide”, asks apologist Waleed Aly. What’s the problem? Why fight?.

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Say no to this racism. No to a race-based Parliament

Say no to this racism. No to a race-based Parliament.

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The ABC must be slashed if Fiona Stanley insists it’s not biased

The ABC must be slashed if Fiona Stanley insists it’s not biased.

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