Zoe Arnold, Craig Thomson’s wife writing about the Prime Minister in the Women’s Weekly – Michael Smith News

Zoe Arnold, Craig Thomson’s wife writing about the Prime Minister in the Women’s Weekly – Michael Smith News.

It is not that we hate women leaders at all. As a woman I have often complained about the fact that the worst offenders for bullying in the workplace have been other women…. and the list goes on based upon my personal experiences.

As such, I find that the women who tend to get to the top (not a majority I might add) are the ones who have been prepared to go to indulge in bed hopping, backstabbing and a bunch of other activities. It is this side of womanhood that I detest so much.

There have been women leaders who have been a good example in the world. I can name at least 3: Margaret Thatcher, Indhira Gandhi and the former Israeli Prime Minister (he name escapes me for the present). These 3 women have been good examples of women in leadership roles. I think that Cleopatra and Queen Bodaecia deserve a mention, as do Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth 2 (not QE1).

However, then there are the Australian women who have clawed and bedded their way into top positions: Carmen Lawrence of forgetful memory fame, Kristina Keneally who was tainted by corruption in land deals, Joan Kirner the totally hopeless and then there is Qld’s Anna Blight. How can I forget Quentin Bryce the GG who swans her way around the world. It is all incompetence.

On the other side of the coin there is Margaret Reid, Joceyln Newman and a number of other women who have made a remarkable contribution to our governance.

This is not hating anyone, it is simply that most of us can see through the bedhoppers, misadrists and handbag harpies that are the current crop of female politicians in the ALP and the Watermelon Party.

A classic example how air-heads such as Thomson’s wife try to put lies in people’s mouths in order to keep filthy feminists in business for political objective. Arnold worked for ALP before….
Good on the person who found this & sent to Andrew Bolt. It’s a case of trying to make people think in a way that suits these fools, rather than respecting people’s actual opinions.
Has this ditz bothered to ask people if they hate women leaders? She sure don’t speak for me.
Fairfax too has done this sort of thing, however they do have their good points. The cartoon of Gillard’s diary is rather appropriate & not to mention amusing…

Actually a great incentive for the Labor party was to put a woman in charge, as this was guaranteed to save some votes and a first term government disaster. It nearly did. I expect most Australians were pleased to see a woman as PM, regardless of their politics. Similarly it is likely most Americans were quietly pleased to see a black man as President. Then these people have to perform, just like everyone else. Then they are judged, just like everyone else. That has nothing to do with gender or colour or religion or marital status. I expect women expected far more from Julia than to hide behind her skirts and claim she was being victimized as a woman? After all, how much higher does she have to rise? Golda Meir, Benazir Bhutto, Indira Ghandi, Margaret Thatcher never cried mysogynist. Nor did Carmen Lawrence, Joan Kirner, Helen Clarke or even Anna Bligh. No, Julia has shown no backbone, no ethics and no discipline, just an overwhelming desire for the job without any real ability or vision or character. Almost everything she says is a lie. It is hard to even guess at the truth. Now it is gender again? No, that only works once.

Contrary to Zoe Arnold’s fanciful article, Juliar Gillard’s spectacular unpopularity has less to do with her lack of TESTICLES, and everything to do with her lack of PRINCIPLES!

Zoe’s husband’s reputation would also have been considerably enhanced if he had put his principles before his testicles.



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