Obama: Leaving the Paris Agreement is Anti-Democratic? | Watts Up With That?

100% correct….

We have homogenized an entire race….doesn’t matter if someone has 10 PhD’s….or is a street drug dealer
….they are all one thing…..black

Cracker, white trash, hillbilly, redneck, etc are all descriptive words and mean something…all different

…we have taken away their ability to be better than…and the distinction of knowing better..and getting credit for it

…I don’t want to live next to…or have to associate with trash….and I don’t care what color they are
or what you want to call them

Source: Obama: Leaving the Paris Agreement is Anti-Democratic? | Watts Up With That?

People are people, and some of them are trash, regardless of their colour, heritage, sex, height, knowledge, weight, ability, age, education level …….. or any other attribute we use to judge each other. There are always going to be trash amongst us, and all we can do is to try to make sure they do not prosper.


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